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Black Tea with Melissa & Mint

Black Tea with Melissa & Mint

The light pungency of high grown Ceylon tea is finely complemented by the delicate refreshing mint & lemon-like aroma of melissa. Healing black tea with melissa and mint relieves sleeplessness, facilitates cordial activity and serves as a natural antidepressant. Regular consumption of the beverage will allow you to be in good spirits all day long.

  • 100% natural product
  • improves vitality
  • soothes, removes stress
  • genuine refreshing taste

Tea-taster’s advice:

 «This delicately refreshing beverage with a combination of mint and lemon-like notes can be taken warm or with ice. Sugar can be added to your taste».

Know more

Melissa and mint were among the first medicinal plants known to mankind. They were cultivated and used as medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome. Aromas of melissa and mint became the symbols of freshness. These herbs stimulate brain activity. Apart from that, they are rich in vitamin C, carotene, contain tanning substances and essential oils.
Melissa has a distinct pleasant lemon-like aroma. Sometimes it is called lemon mint. It excites appetite, facilitates digestion and eases pains. Melissa assists cordial activity, improves nervous system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. This plant relieves melancholia, nervous and emotional break downs.
Mint is a popular medicinal plant, main components of which are menthol and essential oils. These active substances excite appetite, act as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory and spasm relieving remedy. Mint leaf infusion has an anti-microbe effect. This plant relieves asthma, neuroses, excessive excitability.