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Green Tea & Lemon

Green Tea & Lemon

The delicate taste of an elite blend of Ceylon and Chinese green tea is ideally complemented by the refreshing features of natural lemon. Since ancient times people have valued lemon, which increases the resistive capacities of the body and facilitates rejuvenation. For instance, in China of the 11th century a number of recipes of Oriental medicine indicated lemon as a medicinal fruit. Lemon tea facilitates expulsion of toxins from the body. That is why your health and looks will improve if you drink lemon tea regularly.

  • 100% natural product
  • restores energy
  • improves immunity
  • ideal thirst-quencher

Tea-taster’s advice:

 «Taking this drink without sugar will allow you to feel the invigorating lemon note. We recommend serving it hot or iced».

Know more

Lemon has been known as medicinal fruit since the ancient times. It originates from India, China and tropical islands of the Pacific.
This wonderful aromatic fruit improves appetite, normalizes digestion, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, and provides a tonic effect. Lemon fruit contains pectin, essential oils and biophlavonoids which strengthen capillary walls. Due to the significant content of citric acid it is a good thirst quencher and has a anti inflammatory, pain-killing and bactericide effect.
Lemon contains substances which are essential to the human body. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, due to this fact it is vastly applied in medicine. Vitamin C improves immunity and acts as an anti-oxidant, it is vital for the correct metabolism. Apart from vitamin C, lemon contains vitamins A1, B1, B2 and D and P or citrine – the vitamin which is found in citrus fruit only.