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Green Tea & Mint

Green Tea & Mint

The invigorating features of this exquisite blend of green tea grown in the highlands of China and Ceylon, is perfectly complemented by the refreshing aroma of mint leaves. This relishing beverage eases breathing, restores energy and removes fatigue. Apart from that, mint tea helps tone-up and rejuvenate facial skin.

  • 100% natural product
  • removes fatigue
  • improves appetite
  • refreshing fragrant beverage

Tea-taster’s advice:

 «This aromatic beverage is traditionally taken without sugar. It can be served cooled, with ice. It is better if taken before meals».

Know more

Mint – this medicinal plant has been known since the ancient times. It was grown and vastly used for medicine purposes in Ancient Greece and Rome. Mint leaves are rich in essential oils, phlavonoids, ethers, tanning agents, etc. Menthol is the main component of essential oil. It determines the taste of mint.
Mint excites appetite and improves digestion. It helps to get over nausea and sometimes acts as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory and spasm relieving remedy. Mint leaf infusion has a disinfecting effect. It is often advised to consume mint at asthma, neuroses, excessive excitability. This plant relieves inflammatory processes and cardiovascular diseases.