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Individual foil envelopes

Individual foil envelopes

Nature’s Harmony tea comes in double-chamber tea bags, placed in individually wrapped foil envelopes.

What are the advantages of such a solution?

The advantage of the double-chamber tea bag is that the increased area contacting with boiling water improves the brewing efficiency and the richness of the brew. Apart from that, every tea bag is further packed in an individual envelope made of special foil. Thus, genuine freshness and aroma are well preserved. Finally, the use of an envelope is made easy and convenient. That is why Nature’s Harmony collection perfectly fits within a modern and dynamic lifestyle. You can enjoy the taste of Nature’s Harmony

not only at home, but at the office, while traveling, and anywhere you choose!

Tea packed in Sri Lanka

You might know that all Hyleys teas are packed in Sri Lanka to guarantee genuine freshness of tea till the moment when you open the pack