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Innovative package and unique design

Innovative package and unique design

We have studied a number of packs, walked through lengthy distances of tea shelves in many stores, but found very few of them to be modern and convenient. Our main objective was to make the pack easy-to-use and interesting for the Consumer. As a result, we have developed a sliding pack of unique design.

This innovative package can be opened with a single motion of the hand. We called this technology “Slide ‘n Pick” to illustrate the ease of usage.

But that is not all!

Our package prevents tea bag envelopes from falling out. Is can be opened and closed as a case. The shape of the aperture for sliding the envelopes out is special as well. The envelopes will not fall out, even if you turn the pack upside down or topple it over by mistake!

Enjoy the ease and convenience while using this unique Slide ‘n Pick pack (and stop catching falling envelopes!).