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Nature’s Harmony

Nature’s Harmony

Healthy and natural revelation  

Today, many people turn to natural foods & beverages. Everyone wants to maintain good health for longer, remain cheerful and invigorated. That is why we consider natural products as an essential part of a high standard of living. Herbal & fruit tea products are gaining a loyal consumer base in the Western world.


Why was Nature’s Harmony created?

In spite of the growing interest for such products, there are very few teas, which contain purely natural components. Most teas on the shop shelves contain artificial or nature identical flavours. It is clear that such products have neither the right taste, the aroma, nor health benefit, as in teas blended with pure natural fruit and herbs.

Realizing this, Hyleys Teas House has created the Nature’s Harmony Collection. Every tea contained in Nature’s Harmony has been carefully selected from the best plantations of Ceylon and China and is complemented by pure natural herbs and fruits. The three advantages; naturalness, fine taste and healthy benefits make Nature’s Harmony truly unique. It is not a tasteless herbal brew, nor is it is an artificial tasting sickly-sweet beverage. Nature’s Harmony truly combines bright taste and healthy features in an appetizing way.

Added to that, all Hyleys teas are packed in Sri Lanka to guarantee genuine freshness of tea till the moment you open the pack.

Nature's Harmony Collection was given two highest awards:
the Gold medal in
the nomination "Best Product-2010" and the Gold medal in the nomination "Innovation Product" at one of the most prestigious trade fairs - ProdExpo 2010.